Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We pay cash for cars!

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  • Will you buy my car if it’s not paid off?

    Of course! After calling your lender to confirm the amount of your 10-day payoff, we will then make payment directly to them to pay off your vehicle. Once confirmed, we’ll hand you cash for the amount of our offer, minus the amount of the payoff.

  • Does my car have to pass a smog test?

    No! We will purchase your vehicle in “as-is” condition. While we may be able to offer more if your vehicle has passed a smog test, we will still give you  a great cash offer if it hasn’t.

  • How are you able to pay me more than the dealerships?

    Because we are an independent car buying organization we have a lower overhead and less costs than the dealerships so we are able to offer you more for your car than the dealerships and places like “Carmax” are.

  • Does my car have to run in order to sell it to you?

    No! We purchase all kinds of cars from almost new cars to cars that do not work at all. As long as you have a car to sell we have money to pay you for your car. Even if your car has missing parts or does not run at all we will still be able to make you an offer on it.

  • How fast can you purchase my car?

    Most of the time we are able to look at your car and pay you for it the same day so you can have cash in hand the same day that you call us. There is no need to wait for complicated paperwork to go through. We handle everything and pay you quickly for your car.

  • Where are you located?

    We are a mobile service based in San Diego. We buy cars from sellers all over San Diego, Orange & Los Angeles County and even some sellers in surrounding counties in Southern California. No matter where you are we can give you cash for your car quickly and easily!

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